Hedge fund investor presentation

Below is a link to a powerpoint presentation in which I detail the background information a hedge fund manager must have prior to starting the hedge fund formation process. The presentation is designed to familiarize a manager with the process of forming a fund while identifying potential issues which the manager should be aware of during the process. The presentation is 18 slides long and is about 40 minutes. I will also be posting a video here shortly. Starting a hedge fund in voice voice-over powerpoint.

For more viewing options, please see our Hedge Fund Lawyer youtube profile. Pingback: Hedge Fund Law Blog. Does the GP hire a fund manager?

Guide to Hedge Funds

Could the fund manager be an individual or another LLC? The investment advisor or sub-advisor may or may not be affiliated with the GP. Sometimes they are also called the Portfolio Manager. I am not sure if all funds with management companies based in CA take that position however. Generally most hedge funds are still established as limited partnerships. It is my understanding that there are potentially negative tax consequences for establishing a fund in CA as an LLC.

Many times it will be a conversation held between the manager, lawyer and accountant. I currently am registered and have been audited by FL several times with no issues, but would rather not be registered if there is no need. You must be logged in to post a comment. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. How to Start a Hedge Fund in Below is a link to a powerpoint presentation in which I detail the background information a hedge fund manager must have prior to starting the hedge fund formation process.

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Privacy Overview This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. Privacy Overview. Necessary Always Enabled.Business planning and department structure Broadly defined, investor relations encompasses business development, marketing and client services.

hedge fund investor presentation

Functionally, within most firms, business development incorporates the following roles and responsibilities:. Marketing is primarily responsible for designing and maintaining all investor-facing collateral and coordinating external messaging activities. Typical responsibilities include the following tasks:. Client services focuses on all areas related to maintaining existing investor relationships, such as:.

Investor relations is not a one-size-fits-all function. When deciding how to structure the IR function, investment managers should consider the regulatory implications of these decisions as these choices might have significant consequences. Investment managers should also pay close attention to any regulatory requirements for specific qualifications, ongoing training and exams on behalf of their IR staff. Finally, investment managers should design performance assessments and compensation practices in a way that fosters teamwork, properly aligns incentives and meets relevant regulatory requirements.

Investor communications Investors continue to demand increased transparency from investment managers. This is particularly true as investors and investment managers move towards a partnership model that may include customised solutions, knowledge sharing or other forms of pro-active client service.

The IR team should establish the frequency, mediums and types of communications investors will receive on a regular basis. Investment managers should be aware that once materials are used for marketing purposes, they are considered marketing materials for perpetuity and must adhere to relevant regulatory standards.

Investment managers should also have a process for recording and following up on client complaints and give careful thought as to how to communicate negative or difficult news to their clients. Careful handling of such communications can reduce the chances that challenging situations will develop into full-blown crises. While those pieces of collateral still play an important role in communicating key information to prospective investors, the hedge fund industry is beginning to place a greater focus on brand building and thought leadership.

hedge fund investor presentation

As with other industries, marketing in the hedge fund industry is being transformed by technology. While each jurisdiction has regulatory restrictions that must be taken into account, new channels and media including websites, social media platforms and video are opening to investment managers. But regardless of the material or media, at the heart of their marketing strategy investment managers should have a compelling story that resonates with investors and distinguishes them from their peers.

Consideration should be paid to AUM of the firm and fund, fund structure and liquidity, fund strategy, geography of the investment manager, operational infrastructure of the firm, and fund terms to determine which classes of investors might be the best fit. Investment managers can then use various intermediaries, commercial databases, conferences and personal and professional networks to make contact with allocators, respecting applicable local regulations regarding solicitation.Pershing Square Holdings, Ltd.

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Hedge Fund Investor Presentation Template

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The information on this website is for information purposes only. Unless specifically stated otherwise, it does not constitute an offer to purchase or sell any security or investment product, nor does it constitute professional advice.It's the marriage of a professional fund managerwho is often known as the general partner, and the investors, sometimes known as the limited partners. Together, they pool their money into the fund. This article outlines the basics of this alternative investment vehicle.

hedge fund investor presentation

Jones was inspired to try his hand at managing money while writing an article about investment trends in If this structure and objectives sound a lot like those of mutual funds, they are, but that's where the similarities end.

Hedge funds are generally considered to be more aggressive, risky, and exclusive than mutual funds. In a hedge fund, limited partners contribute funding for the assets while the general partner manages the according to its strategy. The very name hedge fund derives from the use of trading techniques that fund managers are permitted to perform. Even though hedging strategies are employed to reduce risk, most consider their practices to carry increased risks.

Hedge funds took off in the s when high-profile money managers deserted the mutual fund industry for fame and fortune as hedge fund managers. The number of operating hedge funds has grown as well. There were around 2, hedge funds in Industry estimates suggest there were about 10, active hedge funds inaccording to research firm Hedge Fund Research.

A common theme among most mutual funds is their market direction neutrality. Because they expect to make money whether the market trends up or down, hedge fund management teams resemble traders more than classic investors. Some mutual funds employ these techniques more than others, and not all mutual funds engage in actual hedging. There are several key characteristics that set hedge funds apart from other pooled investments—notably, their limited availability to investors.

A hedge fund's investment universe is only limited by its mandate. A hedge fund can invest in anything—land, real estate, derivativescurrenciesand other alternative assets. Mutual funds, by contrast, usually have to stick to stocks or bonds. Hedge funds often use leverage or borrowed money to amplify their returns, which potentially exposes them to a much wider range of investment risks—as demonstrated during the Great Recession. In the subprime meltdownhedge funds were especially hard-hit due to increased exposure to collateralized debt obligations and high levels of leverage.

Hedge funds charge both an expense ratio and a performance fee. There are more specific characteristics that define a hedge fund, but because they are private investment vehicles that only allow wealthy individuals to invest, hedge funds can pretty much do what they want—as long as they disclose the strategy upfront to investors. This wide latitude may sound very risky, and it certainly can be. Some of the most spectacular financial blow-ups have involved hedge funds.Transcript: Invests in event-driven situations such as mergers, hostile takeovers, reorganizations, or leveraged buy outs.

May involve simultaneous purchase of stock in companies being acquired, and the sale of stock in its acquirer, hoping to profit from the spread between the current market price and the ultimate purchase price of the company. Convertible Arbitrage Managers either purchase stocks that are undervalued or sell short stocks that are overvalued The fund generally has positive exposure to the market.

Portfolio emphasis may swing widely between asset classes.

hedge fund investor presentation

Unpredictability of market movements and the difficulty of timing entry and exit from markets adds to the volatility of this strategy. Payoffs depend on how well can the manager forecast price movements as well as the exact market timing of the movements. Taking positions in both the convertible bonds and the stocks of a company in anticipation of a price mismatch between the two securities Payoffs on convertible arbitrage are influenced by interest rate movements as well as by changes in credit spreads An important parameter in this trade is delta, the proportional change in the value of the convertible bond relative to the change in the underlying stock price This technique attempts to profit from both relative and absolute pricing inefficiencies.

The market for distressed securities is often inefficient and illiquid because of factors such as investor irrationality, risk aversion, legal restrictions on holding sub par securities, low coverage by analysts, and lack of research. An active form of this strategy is to buy a substantial proportion of the outstanding security of the distressed company and then attempt to influence the restructuring process.

Other strategies may include systems trading such as trend following and various diversified technical strategies. This style of investing allows the manager to overweight or underweight different strategies to best capitalize on current investment opportunities. Part of the reason is that macro funds often trade in instruments that are relatively illiquid.

Stresses: The hours are long and you work on most weekends. They will work closely with the executives and consult them with the decisions being made for the company.

The Hedge Fund Manager will usually prepare financial statements, business activity reports, and forecast stock market trends. They monitor financial details to ensure legal requirements are met. Review company reports to find ways to reduce costs or aquire new companies. Analyze market trends and help make financial decisions. Tom Gallagher Advisor: Alal As a hedge fund manager you might have to travel to different places. You might have to go to the location of the company you are trying to add as an assett.

You need four years of work experience and you need to pass three exams. The daily hours will usually be from sun-up to sundown.

There won't be much time with the family, and there's work at home too. Worlplace policies are dressing business and no criminal background. Name Job Description. Transcript: Strengths Leadership Ambition Pictures We found the director's of our group clashed most with the socializer because they like to stay on task and socializers tend stray off task without direction Strengths: Communicating Punctuality Describing Each Group Member As a team we feel like we worked equally, dividing up the tasks and concurring them.

As a team we feel we work really well together being able to throw around ideas with each other. Being able to divide up the tasks; we feel as a team we were all leaders in our own way.

Leader vs. Manager Leader vs. Manager Donations Leader vs. Clashing As a team we feel like we worked equally, dividing up the tasks and concurring them. Manager Robert What We Could Have Done To Be More Successful We all had different ideas so we just generated ideas together and discussed with each other having negatives and positives in how it will work.I have been reading Buffett 's newsletters as well as Pershing Square's presentations whenever I can get my hands on them.

I have linked to them below for your perusal as well. I also try to read Greenlight's quarterly investor letter as well. Who else do y'all follow and are there any other presentations I should read? Buffett 's shareholder letters are definitely an interesting read. I would suggest also suggest taking a look at Einhorn's short presentations as a couple are available online if you look for them.

Bridgewater 's Dalio "Principles" are a pretty good read too. They frequently wear their class jackets to boston bars, strutting and acting like they own the joint. They just ooze success, confidence, swagger, basically attributes of alpha males. Ya if you wanna shoot yourself go for it. Anyways, I personally like David Einhorns presentations. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident. It took some effort, but I was finally able to climax to Warren Buffett 's shareholder letters.

Baby you're the perfect shape, baby you're the perfect weight. Treat me like my birthday, I want it this way and I want it that way. It makes a man feel good baby. They really really need to make a website that you can subscribe to that sends you the shareholder letters of the people that you want to here from.

I am way too lazy to go through all of them. WSO depends on everyone being able to pitch in when they know something. Join Us. Already a member? Popular Content See all.

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